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Where your website is hosted is critical to your business

Not only does the website need to load quickly and efficiently, but it must have a high availability and uptime rating. You do not wish to host your website on an obsolete server or in a remote location that has bad connectivity. It's important that wherever your website is hosted, there are redundant processes in place to prevent a crash. Most of the time,you won't know where your website is hosted at all. Until you have a problem with your website hosting, you may not even begin to research where your website is hosted. Many companies will go for months before talking to their web host - and usually it's only when there's a problem.

Cool Site Creators has been in the business for ten years. CSC is a network of professional website designers and developers with many years of experience. While building your website, developing it, re-designing it, or optimizing it,we also need to work on it. It's just as important to us as it is to you, that your website has a high UPTIME and no DOWNTIME. CSC wants your website to perform.One of the cornerstones of that is having proper, reliable hosting. We will investigate any issues for you that is resulting in a downtime of your website. Many web hosts will simply pass you onto a 1.800 support line. We manage your hosting for you and will even offer help if you need to do something in the control panel,like creating a SQL database.

Cool Site Creators are also CMS experts. If you would like a website built,or are looking for an easy way to manage your website, then a CMS system will integrate effectively with a Local Based Kitchener-Waterloo web hosting package.

Why is it important I have the right website hosting?

Is your website in HTML, PHP or ASP? If your website is in ASP, you need an ASP hosting. Or PHP, you need a PHP hosting. You may not know which code your website is in - most people would not. Please contact CSCand we will investigate your website. CSC will provide a full-fledged report detailing what kind of coding your website is in, what package you will need,any additional options we recommend for hosting your site, etc.

At the same time,you can also request consultation in terms of the design or development of your website. Do you have a workable website? Does your website represent what your business is about? Does it effectively bring in new leads to your business? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it may be a good idea to give us a call and discuss further. Even if CSC does not earn your business, we'll be happy to point you towards the solution that works for your online presence.
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